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⁠Teens Basketball Training

As kids transition into their teenage years, MGM Basketball Academy tailors our development programs to match their enhanced physical attributes and growth. Our coaches are adept at understanding the various growth spurts that occur at this age and plan programs accordingly.

Whether your teen is aiming for competitive play or DSA programs, or simply wants to learn how to play, our coaches will create a definitive program tailored to their needs.

Our Teenager Training Focus

  • Fundamental Basketball Skills: Building a strong foundation in essential skills.
  • Advanced Basketball Skills: Elevating skills to the next level.
  • Competitive Elements: Introducing elements of competition to prepare for real games.
  • Tactical Preparation and Competitive Play: Developing strategic understanding and gameplay tactics.
  • Positional Development: Focusing on specific roles and responsibilities on the court.
  • Head Coaches and Admin Performance Review: Regular assessments to ensure progress and development.

Join MGM Basketball Academy today and be part of our roaring community. Whether you’re aiming for the stars or looking to improve your game, we have the perfect program for you. Visit MGM Basketball Academy to find out more and start your journey with us!

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